The painting in my livingroom is like having a window to the coast where I grew up.


Inspiring evening at Primaink 

Inspiring evening at Primaink 

Look at that beautiful colour! I found an old tube of etching ink, and had to make a real effort to get some of the ink out, to work with it. I'm concluding it was worth it, this is one of my favorite colours! A mixture of green and turquoise that makes me think about...

The First Finished Paintings of 2017

The First Finished Paintings of 2017

Well into the beginning of the new year, I'm already very happy about how it has started. I've completed two watercolour paintings, and I've attended a super inspiring course in photopolymer printing, which also included a bit of monoprint techniques, and a lot...

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My Top 3 Favourite Tools when Painting with Watercolours

My Top 3 Favourite Tools when Painting with Watercolours

Chocolate (oh, yes!)  Okay, I hear you, it's not a tool, but still... Essential inspiration and energy. Need I say more? A wide, flat brush from Daler Rowney Smooth, yet resilient. It gives you the perfect sky, the smoothest ocean, the breathtaking...

Paintings and Prints of Rough Coastal Landscapes & Mindscapes

Rutheart - by R. T. Brokstad


Painter by Passion. MD by Profession. Mother of Two. And a kind of Computer Geek. I have no idea how it all fits together, but somehow it does.


The north norwegian coastal landscape is like fuel to my soul. Rough, unpredictable, strong, beautiful, welcoming. So are the people living here. They fill me with inspiration and give me faith in the human abilities to fight, to survive, to live and love, and to never give in.


I live, work and paint in Tromsø. It’s a city in the northern part of Norway, nicknamed “Paris of the North”. But I grew up in beautiful Vesterålen, a group of islands just north of Lofoten.


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