Author: Rutheart - (a)RT Brokstad

From a challenge to a beautiful challenge – Freedom

F r e e d o m – Watercolor painting (a limited number of giclée prints are available) Lately, or more correctly the last seven months, I haven’t been able to paint at all due to extreme fatigue in pregnancy. Luckily, a few exhibitions had already been prepared, and I had some works that hadn’t been shown yet, so I’ve been able to keep a minimum of “activity” to keep my “art business” running, barely… Now, with only a few weeks left, there will be new, beautiful challenges, but hopefully there will be some room and energy for painting...

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Hurricane approaching! – “Æ står han a’!”

“Æ står han a’!” Watercolour original (available at Galleri Vesterålen) (Giclée prints edition size limited) The news is full of warnings about the hurricane approaching the coast where I live. It will probably hit this evening. Sitting here waiting for my DH to arrive with plane some hours prior to the hurricane, I’m just hoping the hurricane doesen’t deside on being an early bird! So, being in hurricane mode, even though there’s no wind at the moment, this watercolur fits perfectly. Called (in norwegian) “Æ står han a’!”, which means something like “I will go through it without giving...

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Exhibition opening – Welcome!

JAN RUSTEN (paintings), VIKTOR FURNES (digital collage), ÅSHILD NORDNES (glass art), R.T. BROKSTAD (paintings) Exhibition opening next Saturday, 25th of October, at 2pm in Trondheim (Byåsen Kunstgalleri). WELCOME! The exhibition will be open 25th of October – 16th of November. Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-6pm. Wednesdays...

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