Author: Ruth Therese

Protected: The Mess I Made Before NIL-17

27.04.17: Disaster behind the scenes, – but you are invited! Hi! Sometimes I’m not at my best, and sometimes I really make a mess of it. This Saturday, a big event (at least for art lovers) in Nittedal is opening. It’s the opening of the Spring Exhibition in Nittedal 2017, where work from more than 100 artists are displayed, and sold. Different from the normal exhibition, here, the works are sold straight from the wall, and the walls are are constantly filled with new works. It’s a party and it’s a real goodie for art lovers and artists alike. I was so lucky to be one of the artists invited to exhibit at the Spring Exhibition (Vårutstillingen i Nittedal). I’ve carefully chosen four works to be displayed, three original watercolours, and one giclée print. I calculated the days needed for shipping, framing, and then another shipping from the frame house and to the exhibition. Well prepared, I thought. But… Oh no! I made one BIG mistake! I forgot….*cough*easter*cough*…..! Is that even possible? My brilliant framer was supposed to have a vacation (of course). And for the same reason (you know, easter) the shipping was aslo delayed. And then even worse, some unexpected snow made a huge chaos in the south, affecting the shipping even more. Bummer… But, luckily, in a recent burst of acrylic inspiration, I made three acrylic...

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Freedom Flied Back Home

This watercolour has found it’s new home, in beautiful Vesterålen in Northern Norway ❤️ Since Vesterålen was my inspiration when painting this watercolour, it’s really sweet it’s now hanging there. 〰 F r i h e t Frihet Freedom< Technique: -Akvarell/l’Aquarelle/Watercolor 〰 Shop: – Original Watercolour 🔴 (sold) – Limited edition Giclée Prints 〰 The original watercolour is sold, but a limited edition of signed and numbered giclée prints are available. Click here to buy giclée prints of...

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Blue Night

Ta-ta-daa! The winner of naming this painting is @beatetret. She came up with no less than three beautiful suggestions.  I’m amazed by the overwhelming respons, and all the really beautiful suggestions! You made it very hard for me to choose just one.  Many suggestions contained blue, quiet and night in some form. It’s exciting to hear your feelings and thoughts when seeing the painting.  But the suggestion Blue Night (Blånatt) was the one that eventually felt just right for the painting, as I feel it sums up all your responses very well.  I was so inspired by all your...

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