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Summer Closure

Summer Closure

Orders placed between June 20 and July 10, will be shipped after 10th of July. Thank you, and best wishes for you summer!

Join Rutheart Friends!

Right now is a good time to join the Rutheart Friends! 🌸🥂Why? Because you'll get 20% off any artwork in the shop before 31st of May!😄 💕 Follow the link or fill in the form below to join...

Protected: The Mess I Made Before NIL-17

27.04.17: Disaster behind the scenes, - but you are invited! Hi! Sometimes I’m not at my best, and sometimes I really make a mess of it. This Saturday, a big event (at least for art lovers) in Nittedal is opening. It’s the opening of the Spring Exhibition in Nittedal...

Freedom Flied Back Home

Freedom Flied Back Home

This watercolour has found it's new home, in beautiful Vesterålen ❤️ Since Vesterålen was my inspiration when painting this watercolour, it's really sweet it's now hanging there. Freedom, watercolour (sold), giclée prints available here....

Inspiring evening at Primaink 

Look at that beautiful colour! I found an old tube of etching ink, and had to make a real effort to get some of the ink out, to work with it. I'm concluding it was worth it, this is one of my favorite colours! A mixture of green and turquoise that makes me think about...

I’m giving away a few of these!

I'm celebrating the coming year, so I'll give you one of these cards, with a personal note on the back, when joining Rutheart Insiders! Link in bio. (NB! For a limited time only) 🤓

Look what I’ve found: A different New Year’s resolution!

  It's soon New Years Eve, and with it comes new pages to be filled, new promises to be given, and New Year's resolutions that are better than last year. And this year, they are going to be fulfilled. Right? Probably. And then February come, and the...

That’s How They Twinkle

Not even the stars shine evenly bright all the time, that's how they twinkle. (ruth therese...

Finally, it’s out and ready for you!

This painting took me by surprise by being the first painting bigger than A5 to paint after our youngest child was born. I couldn't stop thinking about the life of the man in the boat, after being asked by his granddaughter to paint her memory of him. Read the full...

Yes, it’s small!

But who cares?  SmallScaleForTheJoyOfIt at location in it's #newhome  (Thanks @siljekre!)


So far, so good! I've had a couple of spies out at the exhibition Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, and good news reported back, - I'm rescued! If you read this post, you know what I mean, if not, I'll close you in short version. Every time I exhibit, I'm just sooo nervous...

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