“Herakles V”
“Herakles VI”
The sparkling  Moocoo graphic print in sunny yellow is named  “Herakles V”,
and the  popsy purple  “Herakles VI”. 

Remember I told you about the missing Herakles n°1?
The missing gicleé prints Herakles n°1 is found! It happens they didn’t like their non-coloring (they where originally plain white), so they’ve all dressed up in unique coloring… After I’ve stopped being mad at them, I’ll show you how each of the 15 runaways ended up looking like. To be continued…

The size is as alway sturdy gallant 13×18 cm, and of course, there is 15 of them,
all neatly lined up  for signing and numbering with unike identification numbers. You can buy the prints by contacting me, or buy them directly at the internet shop epla.

  Have a lovely
Moocoo –summer!

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