One of a Kind Hand Coloured Version of Summer Silhouette (No 13/17)

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Hand Coloured Giclée Print, no 13/17.

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Like most people, I thought number 13 was a number of bad luck when I grew up. But then I realized that several good things in life happened with a 13 involved, in one way or another.

Among things, I found the love of my life the 13th. So, even though I don’t really believe in special numbers or fate, 13 is my favourite number.

Therefor, I want to make every 13th giclée print I make into something special, something unique.

This giclée print, the 13th print out of 17, has a poem written with black. It’s in norwegian and reads (to my english friends: Sorry, but it’s kind of difficult to translate):

tutende, larmende,
dagen haster i vei
videre, oppover, fram!
Byens urverk
tikker seg larmende
gjennom dagen
tikker mot en 
jevnere støy
og det stilner,
de plutselige larmene, 
blir færre, men
lydene som alltid er der,
dag og natt,
vikler seg sammen og finner tonen
i en samstemt harmoni,
en vuggesang for byen,
mens alle går til ro
og noen ikke
nattens dirigent tar over
og tonene og lyset finner sammen,
vi puster roligere,
og det
blir natt.

If you would like to have this special hand coloured version framed professionally, please contact me as I can arrange a framing before sending it to you :-)

  • Sizes: Giclée print, image size 34,7 x 50,5 cm, paper size 44,7 x 60,5. Edition size 17, only one print (this, nr 13/17) is hand coloured.



Additional information

Original Name



Giclée Print from a watercolour painting, with hand colouring.

Edition Size

The gicleée print series contains 17 prints, but only 13/17 has this hand colouring.

Image Size

34,7 x 50,5 cm.

White border

Yes, about 5 cm.


Yes, in the white border below the image. The title, technique and id-number is also stated.

Original watercolour


Additional Information

Worldwide shipping is possible, see "Terms & Conditions" for details. Contact me if you have any questions, I'm happy to help you.