This small watercolour painting, I did as a part of my project #painteverydaysomethingjustanything is really a love letter to my grandma. She loves this plant as much as I do!šŸ˜‰šŸ˜

We both love plants, and in particular strange and peculiar plants. And even better if… they are edible!

I grew up learning from her about all kinds of plants, edible, useful, poisonous, mythology important, tasteful, delicious, strange… The list goes on. It was rarely just a name when she showed me a plant, it was appended with a story, a use, and usually it’s Latin name as well.

Among all the plants we love, there is a special plant we just can’t get enough of, – the beautiful and captivating PĆ©largonium.

We had so, soo much fun that day we visited the Botanical Garden in Oslo together. Me and my grandma. We got totally lost in the PĆ©largonium greenhouse, looking at every single plant, reading, touching, smelling. Some are even edible (but I promise, we didn’t taste)!

We ended up forgetting to eat, and seeing only about one third (or less?) of the garden. But, bringing home a memory we still talk and laugh about!

Thank you grandma! šŸ˜„šŸ¤©

(She even shares part of my name)

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