Ruth Therese Brokstad

About me:
I was born in the south, but grew up in the north of Norway. I’ve never liked to express myself in words, so I’ve always painted. Started to show my work to an audience in 2011, starting with a small exhibition in my local painting association (Byåsen Maleklubb). From there on, I’m both surprised and proud to tell that I’ve already participated in bigger exhibitions, and my works are among the Linus Winners in the exhibition Nature Speaks.

My main inspiration is bad weather, heavy storms, and a fighting sun behind raging clouds. Coastal landscapes and seascapes, nature communicating with movement and silence, inextricably linked to us, affects us, and inspire my paintings. Relations, power structures, society and non-verbal communication are also inspirational themes, more often the starting point for my more surreal paintings.

When painting, I prefer using watercolour, but I love experimenting, and am constantly trying out new techniques and mediums. Some of my paintings are made with acrylic paints, often the more surreal ones. My landscapes though are often made in watercolour.

Most of my paintings are also available as giclée prints, in a limited edition where every giclée print is signed with my signature and an unique id-number.

Innkjøpt av:
Private samlere i Norge, Sverige, England, Canada, Danmark, Nederland.
Vesterålen Turlag
Toftvegen Barnehage

Upcoming exhibitions:
Sorry, no upcoming exhibitions at the moment, but keep an eye on my intagram feed or facebook page or subscribe to my newsletter to be served first.

2018/2019/2020 – Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim
2017 – Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, Nittedal, Norway
2016 – Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, Nittedal, Norway
2016 – Vårutstilling, Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim, Norway
2015 – Main artist at the exhibition Mindscapes at Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim, Norway
2015 – Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, Nittedal, Norway
2015 – Vårutstilling, Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim, Norway
2014 – Main artist at the Fall exhibition, Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim, Norway
2014 – Juleutstilling, Byåsen Kunstgalleri, Trondheim, Norway
2013 – Nature Speaks, Online Art Exhibitions, Linus Art Gallery, USA
2013 – Silent Communication, Live Art Exhibition, Linus Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2013 – Private Art Show, GalleRiSe, Rise, Norway
2012 – Byåsen Maleklubbs Høstutstilling , Trondheim, Norway
2012 – Galleria Kunstfestival, Mosjøen, Norway
2011 – Byåsen Maleklubbs Høstutstilling, Trondheim, Norway

Juried Art Pieces:
Nature Speaks – Linus Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Silent Communication – Linus Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
The Lighthouse, Choleric TemperamentThe Battle

Art at Display:
Galleri Vesterålen, Sortland, Norway – www.galleri-vesteraalen.no
Linus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA – www.linusgallery.com

Member of:
Nordiska Akvarellsällskapet – The Nordic Watercolour Association

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