There are so many reasons to celebrate! The opening of a new exhibition is one of them, and I love to celebrate it together with you!

Celebrating and winning together are much more fun!

That’s why I’m celebrating with a lottery, where you could only enter the drawing together with a friend. If you won, your friend would also win!

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The rules were simple. Comment and tag your friend, at Instagram or facebook. And so you have done! There have been so many sweet and nice comments, and happy friends commenting back. Thank you all so much!

So, to the drawing. It’s done, the winners are found! Using, I was given a random number that was the winning number. Counting through the comments both at Instagram and facebook, I found the winners.

And the winners are…

A instagram user…. Female… The winner of the drawing has the instagram username @sunnivabmoen, and her co-winning friend is Liv Jergan Kaasen (@livjeka). Congratulations!

The prize for the winner is one of the prints from the exhibition, and for her friend a giftcard of NOK 500,- that can be used at


If you still want to see the exhibition, its open until 15th November. You can see it at Byåsen Kunstgalleri (Selsbakkveien 36, Trondheim, Norway), from October 24th – November 15th. Opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 2-6 pm, Wednesdays 4-8 pm.

Win An Original Tiny Bird Watercolour

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(Next drawing: June 4th. The winner will be announced June 5th
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