First time I saw art glass, I was fooled.

I was shown a frame with one type of glass on the left side, and another type of glass on the right side, and in the middle there was a gap without any glass. Then I was asked which glass I found to be the best.

I studied both glasses very close….and then I saw that there wasn’t a gap in the middle, there was in fact a glass there as well!

That middle glass was the art glass, also called reflexion free glass. There is almost no reflections in the glass, making it invisible, and that’s how I got fooled to believe there was a gap. When using this type of glass, the painting stands out, and is not hid behind white reflexions.

The paintnig above is framed with art glass. You can see that the only reflexion is in the plastic wrapping around the frame itself. There is no reflexion in the glass, even though the picture is taken just next to a window, with a oblique angle, that would normally give lots of light reflexion. 

Like the one below which is not framed with art glass.

Mindscape #3, DGA print (edition size 39), size A3.

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