I tend to use some colours more than others. I often paint costal landscapes, inspired by the North Norwegian landscape I grew up with in Vesterålen.

Grayish blue with a hint of green is the colour of stormy ocean and clouds. If there is snow involved, the blue deepens to a more steel gray, mixed with really dark tones of blue.

In the summer, the summer nights are vivid and light, with translucent colours of yellow, pink and soft tones of green and turqouise.

The blue colours of the evenings are softer in the early autumns. The old barns, boat houses and abandonded houses are like an old letter from times passed by, with endless variations over earth colours like brown, sepia and grayish tones from the lightest to the darkest.

But now, – to the list…

1 – Paynes Gray

This is a blue colour, with a mixture of gray. Multifunctional, almost always in my paintings of stormy oceans and mountains.

Room for Time / Rom for tid

2 – Indigo

Also a blue colour, but more clean, deep blue. A working horse, and one I also use a lot when I paint mountains and oceans, though this colour often goes for my less stormy paintings.

Coming Home

3 – Yellow Ochre

As the name says, this is a yellow colour, but not a bright sunshine yellow. It’s more like a earth yellow, like dry strays and old grass. You also find this colour as small patches on old wood walls, and as yellow flat moss on old stones. Oh, have you ever seen how well this colour goes with the steely gray of stormy, coastal weather? It’s one of my favourite house colours in painting, and by the way; everyone living at coastal areas are really making their house a jewellry for stormy weather by picking this colour for their house..!

Without name…yet / Foreløpig uten tittel…

4 – Sepia

This is a earth colour, and my wood colour number one. It is soft, dark brownish, not too warm, not too cold. I often use it as a companion

of blue colours, as I think they go together well.

Capricious Beautiful / Lunefullt vakkert

5 -Neutral Tint

Goes ‘oh so well’ to deepen both the two blue colours (number 1 and 2), to make them more stormy, more dark. And it goes well to give white houses shadows and wet appearances.

Evening Walk / Kveldstur

So there you go, my top 5 favourite paint colours. Now it’s your turn! What colours do you like? I’d love to know, every colours go, it doesn’t have to be a fancy named paint colour either.

I’ve noticed different tones of green have begun seeping into our houses lately, like jotunlady Northern Mystery (I should make a fifth member to my Northern series…!), or Treasure. Do you like green? Or what colours are you considering for your interior nowadays?

Mindscapes (left and right)


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