Who says there’s bad luck associated with the number 13? It’s never been to me, several good things have actually happened involving the number 13. I even met my husband the 13th.

So, I celebrate every 13th and smile when I see 13, – kind of.

And now I want you to join in on the good luck, and good vibes of 13! I have made it a rule (Oh, is there a less strict-wise word for that? Ah, maybe “habit” is the word I’m looking for!).

Again; – I’ve made it a habit to add something extra to every 13th print I make.

That means that every print number 13, 26, 39, and so on, I add some handwriting, a poem or semi hidden text, hand painted figures or embellishments, making the print unique.

So far, I haven’t added stitches, but that’s a yet, because I am thinking about it, and will probably do it sooner or later.

The picture above is a detail from the 13th print of “Capricious Beautiful“. There is semi-hidden texts, some birds and other details, not found in the other prints.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of the hand coloured prints in any of the print series, contact me, I usually have one on hand not yet published, or I can put you on the list to get noticed first it when it’s released.

Or you can just hang around, looking and discovering the hidden details, unique to that exact print.


Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet


Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet

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