Hi, and Happy New Year! Starting the year fresh, I’ve joined the art challenge over at @taraleaver , so for the next 21 days, I’ll be posting according to her prompts that display different aspect of the art making process. I might be posting every day, I’ll might not. We’ll see :) Anyway, first prompt out is “Favourite painting”!

Coming Home - RT Brokstad - www.rutheart.com
Giclée Print from a Watercolour, 2016

I had to dig deep in my archives. There are so many paintings, and picking just one favourite was really hard! The one I’ve picked is ONE OF my favourites, I have more than one, and it changes constantly, depending on my mood, challenges, and state of mind. Lately, my mind has pondered around staying true to yourself, questioning the norms, asking myself what really gives joy in my everyday, what feels right, what adds to my energy, what adds positivity to my family, what aligns with my core values, and what makes me grounded and in peace. That’s why I eventually picked this paiting. It’s called Coming Home, and watching it, I get a feeling of tranquility and peace. Like the feeling of coming home, after a long trip away, where you finally can settle and breathe, snuggle up where you belong.


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Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet

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