Among many things art has taught me, is patience. To stay calm in the moment, observe what’s unfolding, accepting without forcing the direction too much, but also not too little.

Art has also taught me that there is no such thing as errors. What emerges might not be what you expected at the moment, but there’s no error. It might be an unexpected challenge, a spot where you didn’t intend to have a spot, or a spilling of paint, or something that didn’t work out quite as planned, but nevertheless, there is no error. It’s just learning, experiencing, weaving it all together.

Because art, like life, it’s a journey. Every spot, every experience, every challenge, all the brights and all the darks, and everything between, all is a part of the journey, a part of the bigger story, a part of my story.

And however painful parts of it might be, it’s still my story, and all the brights and the darks and the in-between, are what make your life painting unique, with something to bring forth, and to share, something only you have. Maybe comfort, maybe strength, understanding, compassion, clarity, wisdom, guidance, or joy. Maybe something else. A strong word. An uplifting song. Or a painting?

However the expression, the uniqueness of you, will shine through and, connect with the right viewer (or listener) something only you can. Your paint strokes, your expressions, are unique. Please don’t stop. Share what you’ve got🥰

Lesson learned, is the second prompt of the #21daysinmyartworld challenge by @taraleaver (Instagram), which is wildly fun and thought-inspiring to follow.


Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet


Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet

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