Dette!! 🤩🥹🧡 en high five til deg som vil lytte mer til deg selv!


Let them argue
let them fight
let them think
they are right

let them gossip
let them rage
let them build
themselves a cage

let them judge
let them talk
let them walk
the way they walk

let them laugh
behind your back
they cannot push you
from your track

let them steal
each other’s joy
let them silence
virtue’s voice

let them wrestle
for the throne
let them pick flesh
from their bones

but of all
you let them do
do not let them
alter you

keep your focus
on the sky
and all the beauty
you pass by

stay within
your well-built walls
and answer only
worthy calls

let them lie
if they must
it’s yourself
you need to trust.

💛 Fra Donna Ashworth bok ‘Wild Hope’

‘Beneath the Surface’, akvarell på papir, str A5

Beneath the Surface

Lytt til hjertet i stillhet.

Visdommen venter der.


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Om å våge å leve mer med hjertet

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