“The Battle”
Rough Seascape Series

The Battle (Original name: Styrkeprøve)

“The Battle”

Ever wondered how someone had the courage to do that brave thing? Or how a your friend coped with that daunting situation? Or what it takes to stand tall, even though…?

I have. Many times!

I’ve seen ordinary people (we’re all ordinary, right?) become extraordinary in a situation that was extreme in one way or another. And then I’ve wondered, – how would have done if I were to be in that situation? 

Sometimes I feel so small, so scared, so stretched. How could I ever take on more load? I would never have coped if I were to be in that situation.

And then I suddenly was. And I did cope. Not elegantly, but I came thorough, somehow. Supported by people who cared. Pushed and dragged down by some few.

Somehow, I believe we do find strength when we need to. Bravery is everyday, being in the situation, standing the ground, doing your best, for the sake of your self, and others.

Do you know someone you admire for their bravery? Feel free to send them this to tell them they are brave, or to just say high five, I love you!  

Best wishes for your day!
Ruth Therese

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