Kids, work, dog. Laundry, cleaning, food. Play, hugs, fun.

Too tired, need to go to bed. Again, no time for painting. No inspiration either.

Last year or so, there hasn’t been easy to paint. (Maybe not so strange you say, since my youngest kid has just passed one year).

But, still, I love to paint, it’s like candy for my soul, refreshing to my mind, rebooting everything.

So lately, I’ve painted these small paintings. Sized somewhere between a credit card and a post card. Some less, some more.

Speaking with friends practicing yoga, mindfullness, meditation, or alike, the similarities of effects are striking.

All nagging thoughts, frustrations and blue feelings are set on hold, diminished or removed. Coming out on the other end, the mind is refreshed and in better balance.

Also excercising and playing music can apparently have the same effects, and the new mindfullness trend with colouring books for adults.

Well, I haven’t tried colouring yet, but these small paintings give me the glow.

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