Suddenly, it’s that time of the year again. The stores have started to dress for Christmas. The radio is playing more and more of the well known tunes of childhood memories. And suddenly, you crave for gingerbread, “gløgg” and clementines.

I noticed recently, and it got me in a cozy Christmas mode. Starting to think of gifts (and gingerbread), I made a collection of a few Christmas gift favourites I thought you’d like to see:

[products limit=“6” orderby=”rand” columns=”1″ ids=”562,563,583,629,1213,536″]

Also these, the MooCoos, have found themselves gifted for Christmas:

[products limit=”3″ columns=”1″ category=”moocoo-cards” visibility=”search” orderby=“rand”]

Hope you liked the selection, and don’t hesitate to contact me here if you need help or have questions. Have a nice week ahead!


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