One night, I couldn’t sleep. In my mind I was seeing a girl standing in an open room with no roof and two of the walls missing.

She was watching sunlit green hills below her, and, surprisingly, a starry night above.

The concrete walls behind her had marks from years of dirt and random and unintentional drawings.

I felt that she was at a crossroad, hesitant whether to stay or to continue into the open landscape. Maybe the world. She had to find courage.Courage to Continue.

In an attempt to find out more about her, I painted parts of what I saw in my mind. I came to know her a bit.

She is strong, she has the courage. Both to explore her own uncertainty, the doubt, but also to move forward.

I still don’t know who she is, what’s her story. I might need to paint more, to find the bits and pieces. It might sound strange, but I guess it’s kind of the same way writers find their story. They keep writing to reveal it, like archeologists keep digging. I must paint.

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