The bright winter weather, with sparkling white snow everywhere, made me somehow wanting to paint windows reflections.

And then I thought of white, sunlit paneled walls. Then summer and the buzz from the bies, and mornings with singing birds.

And in the middle of a bright winter day, this summer painting saw daylight.

Whispering about days to come, and maybe days already passed. Memories to collect carefully, and to keep on display in your mind.

Because I believe we shape our wellbeing by our focus. Our thoughts can be guided to what to keep in mind, and what to just let pass our brain, without dwelling or nurture it. Or at least to an extent.


So, today I’ll choose to dwell with this summer image, and nurture a memory of days like this.While enjoying this image I got from the new owner of this painting.

Don’t you think this kitchen is just soo cool? Lucky painting!

Materials Used in This Painting

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