So far, so good! I’ve had a couple of spies out at the exhibition Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, and good news reported back, – I’m rescued!

If you read this post, you know what I mean, if not, I’ll close you in short version.

Every time I exhibit, I’m just sooo nervous about making a totale failure, and I imagine people asking me about why I dare exhibit at all, calling myself an artist even though I don’t have a formal art education.

So, I try comforting myself, while hoping for my rescue, – that one sold painting.

And, as I said, good news! My spies (aka friends) told me at day two, three painting where already sold. No need to say I’m relieved.

They also sent me this picture, of the hand coloured giclée print Silence, also known as the star of the latter,  which also made me really happy, since I had forgotten to shoot one myself.

Well, If you are not in or nearby Oslo these days, but still want to attend an upcoming exhibition, make sure to join my mailing list below to get noticed about new shows.

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