It’s soon New Years Eve, and with it comes new pages to be filled, new promises to be given, and New Year’s resolutions that are better than last year. And this year, they are going to be fulfilled. Right?


And then February come, and the commitments and resolutions are already fading…

The typical New Year’s resolutions are usually impossible to reach (for me), specific and narrow goals. That would look something like “workout three times a week”. 

A typical goal that would easily fail during February (again speaking for me). So, even though I’ve might have worked out two times, I would picture it a failure. And then loose motivation… And then… Bam! Resolution gone.

I don’t like failing, so my solution has mostly been not to have a New Year’s resolution. (Pretty cowardly, huh?)

But the last three years have been differently. I’ve commited to a one-word-focus-resolution. 

It’s both easier and more difficult to acheive

I first read about it on a blog somewhere. I can’t remember where, but both Gretchen and Nicole explain it well. Anyway, here’s my short version:

Instead of the usually goals, you choose one single word that describe something you want to focus on or acheive.

So, something like workout three times a week, you can instead choose the word Healthy as your “guiding star” for the next year. 

Healthy would probably include some workout. But maybe it would also include to pay attention to what you eat, to take time to treat yourself nice, to relax when you need it, to work on your sleeping habits, and even to do things that makes you laugh!

So, focusing on only one word makes it easier to, well, yeah, -focus. But it’s also more difficult, since it can mean so many different things, and also mean different things to you during the year. Which also makes it more fun!

To get you started, here’s a list of words that are suggestions . Read through, and choose one (or at maximum two) that resonates with you. Or find your own:

Joy Sustainer Forward Starter Maker Eco Finisher Consciousness Family Power Honesty Purposeful Recycling Valuable Beauty Quality Remaking Love Giving Health Charity Nature Relations 

Did you find a word that truly made sense to you?

If yes, good! If not, keep looking! It won’t work if the word doesn’t “click” with you.

First year, I had the word Joy. It found reason within me instantly when  reading it. 

The next year, I really had to look for the perfect word, but when I found it, it was good. 

This year, I found it early in December. It is so inspiring that I’ve already started! (Oh, sorry, I can’t tell you what it is, as I feel it will take away the “magic”). 

So now, go find your one word that truly make sense to you, and make 2017 an amazing year!

Best wishes,

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