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This Saturday (that’s actually tomorrow!), the art exhibition Vårutstillingen i Nittedal 2015 opens. The exhibition features so many of the truly respected and well known norwegian artists. The twist is that the event also features emerging artist, who are honoured to display their work of art alongside the work of well known, established artists. And that’s where I come in. I’m so lucky to be included in the “League of Emerging Artists” at this exhibition, and I’m so happy! Exhibiting together with these great artists is awesome and truly a great honour to me.

Well known norwegian artists to be mentioned is Håkon Bleken, Odd Nerdrum, Eva Harr, Gunn Vottestad, Håkon Gullvåg, Magne Furoholmen, Kjell Nupen, Pushwagner and Vebjørn Sand. You can see the complete list of artists participating in the exhibition here.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend the event in person, but I would very much like to include you in inviting you to this exhibition! Not only to see my work (which of course is very nice if you do:-), but also to see so many of the works of the top notch norwegian artists, all at the same place and event. The exhibition is their 25th anniversary, so this year is special, featuring more well known artists than ever. It’s also a sale exhibition, where the profit goes to the local sports club. According to news articles I’ve read about earlier exhibitons, they are usually a big success, both sales-wise and in number of visitors. (Oh, I so wish I could go!)

Some of my friends in Oslo will be there, and they have promised to send me bits and pieces from the event, such as Instagrams and so on. If you want to participate or add to this, that is so awsome, and I would be so grateful! To do so, you can either mention me with @rutheart or using the tag #rutheart or #nilkunst. I will then repost it at my Instagram profile, with a nice big smile! :-) And then I can say: Hope to see you there!

Duration of the exhibition is from 25th of April to 3rd of May.  Opening hours is 12-16 in the weekend, 1st of May to 19, and 17-20 on workdays. 

(Photo credit: Vårutstillingen i Nittedal, www.facebook.com/nilkunst)

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