One of the biggest art happenings of the year is featuring roughly 100 artists! For 10 days, you can see, and buy straight from the wall, art from wellknown and unknown artist alike. Don’t miss out! 

Welcome to the very exciting exhibition held in Nittedal in April/May! The exhibition is featuring around 100 artists, professionals alongside aspiring artists. And I’m lucky to be one of the artists!

The exhibition (Vårutstillingen i Nittedal) is held April 29th to May 7th, in Idrettshuset, at Kvernstuveien 5 (NIttedal, Norway).

Opening hours are 12-19 first weekend (noon to 7 pm), workdays 17-20 (5-7 pm), and last weekend 12-17 (noon to 5 pm).

Read more about the event here.


Image: Coming Home (Watercolour, Giclée Prints, 2017)

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