One night, I couldn’t sleep. In my mind I was seeing a girl standing in an open room with no roof and two of the walls missing. She was watching sunlit green hills below her, a starry night above. The concrete walls behind her had marks from years of dirt and random and unintentional drawings. I felt that she was at a crossroad, hesitant whether to stay or to continue into the open landscape. Maybe the world.

Limited Edition Giclée-Trykk

  • Bildestørrelse ca. A3, med høyde 29,7 cm
  • Hvit bildekant på ca 5 cm hele veien rundt bildet
  • Håndsignert
  • Hvert bilde har et unikt serienummer påført (les mer her FAQ)
  • Antall bilder i serien er 39 (edition size)
  • Syrefritt papir
  • Original tittel: Courage to Continue


Limited Edition Giclée Print

  • Image size A3, height of approx. 27,9 cm 
  • White border around image, approx. 5 cm
  • Signed by hand
  • Unique serial number on each print
  • Edition size 39
  • Acid free paper
  • English title: Courage to Continue

Additional information

Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 42 × 30 cm

Customer Reviews

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Looking at this picture, I see my own daughter in it, making me think of how I by instinct want to protect her all her life, but realising she will need to go through many things in life on her own. Making me hope that the love and care we give her during childhood will make her strong and self-confident and give her - the courage to continue.

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