Mindscape #8

kr 1900

Exploring the state of mind, the emotions, the underlying subconsciousness…

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Exploring the state of mind.  The series of Mindscapes are about the thoughts, the emotions, the unknown, about the underlying landscape in our minds that is diffucult to grasp in a consciousness way . Through the portraits, painted in a loose and almost abstract way, I try to induce an emotion in the viewer, connecting the figure in the painting with the viewer at an emotional level, exposing the state of mind, the mindscape of the figure, to the viewer.

All the portraits named “Mindscape #…” are all painted up-side down. Meaning I have not seen the painting the correct way during the painting process. In doing so, I concentrate more about the strokes, the emotions, and about closing the gap to the viewer.

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Additional Info

Additional information

Original Name

Mindscape #8


Watercolour DGA. The original watercolour painting is photographed, then worked with in a digital format, painting, layering and changing until I reach a result that I like. The result image, a combination of a watercolour painting and digital layering, is sent to a professional print house to make a limited edition print series.

Edition Size


Paper Size

29,7 x 42 cm (A3).

White border



The Watercolour DGA is signed with a unique id-number, and my signature of approval. The title and technique is also stated.

Original watercolour

The original watercolour painting is not available for sale.

Additional information

Worldwide shipping is possible, see "Terms & Conditions" for details. Contact me if you have any questions, I'm happy to help you.

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