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Rethinking (dots) [Monoprint, str A5-A4]

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Navn Rethinking (dots)

Teknikk Monoprint photopolymer mixed
Opplag 1 (det fins flere bilder over samme motiv, men alle er ulike og unike)
Mål ca 17×23 cm. Arkstørrelse A4.
Signert og nummerert Ja
Innramming Tilvalg

Holdbarhet Trykket på halvtykt, syrefritt papir, med lysekte pigmenter, noe som gir svært lang holdbarhet

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Remember when life is misbehaving

When the reason you had slipped your mind

When all is left is the burden of the present

To seek inward to the truth within

Where the voice of you, the real you, was silenced by the noise

Step up and encourage it to speak

Let it be shivering at first

Who wouldn’t after years of disrespect?

Then ask it to cleanse its voice, to speak clearly, and give it the respect it deserves

For truth is within, behind the noise

And given the space and respect it deserves

It will serve you good, and guide you through

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