Good thing about auctions, they give you the piece to the market price, or less. Chances are not everyone interested in the painting, or the object on sale, sees the auction. And that’s when you can make a good buy.

I’ve been wanting to test auction style for some of my paintings. But, setting up auction on my page seemed like a quite tricky thing to do. So, I decided to test it in a easier way. One painting was set on auction at Instagram, and one at Facebook. They both did well, and I thought it was a fun way of selling my paintings.

From your response, it seems like you liked it too. However, the drawback with Instagram is that you are not alerted when your bid are no longer the highest. That is not the case with Facebook. On Facebook, every new comment are alerted, so you can stay on top of the actions taken from the other bidders.

So the winner is clear: Quick and easy bidding on Facebook is your favourite! And I will serve you more opportunities to bid on paintings, after the summer vacation has me refreshed and repumped.

To be included in my news list, and to get special deals, send me your address here (I’m certainly no spammer, that’s for sure).

Wishing you a lovely summer! 

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