Coupon Art BrokstadHi there! I’m in to tell you some exciting news! And I’m so happy to announce it here, even though it’s not yet finished.

I often get the question on where to buy my watercolours and giclée prints. Even though there are several options, (e.g. galleries, exhibitions and emailing me), one major option has been missing. The possibility for you to browse my site, find what you like, and then buy your choice of art directly on my site.

Well, I’m currently working on that, adding an easy shop functionality to my site! I’m so excited about how this will work, and how you will be liking it.

Hopefully, this will make it easy to immediately get a hold on the prints and watercolours you like, without all the fuss. I appreciate any feedback on this, both up front and after it’s launched.

Meanwhile, cut and save, the code might come in handy once the shop is launched!

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