I’m a nervewreck at the moment, so close to the opening day! Just a few days left ’till the shop opens. 

You are invited to join in! 

(Or “joik” in, as my auto spelling corrector wants it to be, which is a special and very beautiful a way of singing, belonging to the indigenous people in norway.)

Drinks will be served  and cosy music playing (well, that’s offline), and for you visiting the shop there will be lots of treats and goodies! 

At the opening day, there will be a few coupons active with a major discount (talking 5 with 50 pt off). Look out for the code, it will be released soon…

The earlier pronounced coupons is good through July and will give off 25pt.

Also, a few items at a very special price will be available at the 14th of July, and only then. (I can’t tell you how much exactly, but let’s say….it’s less than a coffee!)

Hopefully, everything will go smooth, everything working straight, no coupons that won’t cooperate, no visiters that can’t load the site, no downtime or slow loading. 

Hope to see you at the opening day, – and beyond!


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