I have a good friend in Trondheim who runs his own gallery, where the atmosphere is authentic, warm and welcoming.

Our history runs from 2011, when I joined the art club Byåsen Maleklubb. I loved how he approached making art. His primary force was a pure creative one. No boundaries regarding medium, surface or matter. And absolutely nothing stopping him from mixing all of them.

He’s the first one I heared about making a painting, then photographing it, working with it digitally, then print it, paint on the print, then taking another photo, photoshopping, then printing again, and so forth, – until he was happy with the final end product.

I dont know an exact name for the technique, but I guess the closest you get would maybe be DGA, or digital graphic artwork.

He hasn’t always been an artist. He started painting full time only after retiring from his work as an engineer and teacher.

The gallery is just next to his atelier in Byåsen in Trondheim. Though not open between exhibitions, if he’s in, you will be wholeheartedly welcomed if stepping by.

This Saturday, the opening reception for the Spring Exhibition will be at 14:00, and you are welcome to join in.

I’d wish I could attend, but this year, I’m only represented by my paintings. But if you have a chance, I know they’d love meeting you.

If you are too, the exhibition is called Vårutstillingen, and is held at Byåsen Kunstgalleri.

Address is Selsbakkveien 36 (2nd floor), Trondheim, Norway.

Opening hours are May 7th – 25th. Saturday – Sunday 14:00-18:00, Wednesday 16:00-20:00.

I hope they see you there!

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