I’m in the office, winding things up after the superfantastic opening of the shop a week ago. (Thank you all!)

Underestimating the numbers of sales, I had to rush the boss at the print house (very kindly of course!), and spent office hour on the phone.

The office is... quite moveable. And the desk rather…non-existent. But the phone-talking facilities are excellent. And it drives you to work very fast (you know, baby=unpredicteable). 

(And thinking about it, you do avoid the bad health issues related to sitting in the office all day. (Oh, let’s call it #walkingoffice #healthtrend).)

I also looked into the statistics (I’m a math nerd…), and the magic number at the opening day was by far 7. 

Over 70 people came over to have a look, generating over 700 clicks, 7 orders were made and my income…well, that’s a secret;-)

The most popular giclée print, both click-wise and by order was this large, high format print

I don’t think I ever told you the story behind this popular print. It was almost made by accident.

As you might know, all my giclée prints are made from original watercolour paintings.

They differ in size, some prints having the exact same size as the originals, some not at all.

This is one of those “not at all”‘s. The watercolour is only 3 x 9 cm, whereas the print is nearly 9 times the size, having 80 cm in height.

The “accident” was triggered by some amazing jobs done by my print house. I had just started working with them and was flabbergasted by the quality of their work. 

So, I couldn’t resist, I just had to test their limits! How good quality and awesomeness could they deliver when streched? I painted a tiny watercolour, and ordered a huge print.


The result was mindblowing, I just loved how the huge print looked! 
Asking a few trusted friends, I was sure. 

Sharing it with you was the only option. And turning out, I’m so glad you like it to!

Thank you everybody, you made the opening of my shop awesome!! 

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