The Story of the Mysterious Girl…

The Girl that went to Explore the World

This is the ongoing story about the girl that appeared to me one night, in my half sleep.

It left me with four paintings before disappearing. Then a few clues, but no paintings.

Now, after four years of silence, she has reappeared. Follow along as the story continues to evolve…

Each painting is like a chapter in a book, a chapter of the story about the girl. Start with #1, which is the first, then #2, and so on.

If you have any clue or cue about all this, leave me a comment, because I truly don’t know where the crumbles will lead. It’s like a path of clues, and I’m just following along…

And this is how it started;

The appearance of the mysterious girl that went to explore the world

Courage to Continue
limited edition print


One night, I couldn’t sleep. In my mind I was seeing a girl standing in an open room with no roof and two of the walls missing.

She was watching sunlit green hills below her, a starry night above. The concrete walls behind her had marks from years of dirt and random and unintentional drawings.

I felt that she was at a crossroad, hesitant whether to stay, or to continue into the open landscape.

Maybe the world.

Running For It
limited edition print


While she was standing there, two boys turned up.

They were playing, one moment chasing each other, another moment picking up random pebbles and lost objects from the ground.

Then suddenly, like a clockworks agreement, the oldest took the youngest by hand, and they ran off. Running for the next chase.

And the girl admired their admittance. Their determination while leaving. Running for it, – with their all.

Laughter Between Concrete Walls
limited edition print


The boys laughter kept her company for a little longer than the sound of their running feet.

Their laughter was slammed around between the concrete walls in the narrow street nearby.

Looking down, she noticed a silly drawing on a low concrete wall to her right and bowed down to take a closer look.

It was a cat fighting with a crow. The crow was wearing a hat and a bow tie.

What a strange drawing, she thought to herself. Why was it made? Why were they fighting?

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