Watercolour painting by RT Brokstad - Room for timeI told you some weeks ago that I’ve started to let go of my watercolour paintings. Not the giclée prints, but the originals, of which the prints are made from. Even hard, it’s a good process.

But this one is different. At least that’s how I feel. Even though I’ve had it requested by potential buyers several times, I haven’t had the heart to let go of it yet.

The name of the painting (and the giclée prints) is “Room for Time”. I feel spending time in nature gives so much more space for your thoughts, and that the time spent feels more filled with time in a way…At least that’s how I feel.

Have you experienced spending quality time in nature? Do you feel time perception changes? Have you found some really good ideas walking the mountains or in the woods?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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