The heading might have you believe this is an easter crime story, but don’t panic, it’s not. Since it’s Easter, I’m just helping you set the thriller theme, – and in fact, it did happen in a cold basement.

I was inspired by a recent car ride in snowy storm where the light was shifting constantly, filtered through the different showers and swirls of snow, making the landscape sooo dramatically beautiful and full of contrasts!

I just had to “make a do” from the experience, and so these four paintings evolved. Northern Joy, Northern Delight, Northern Bliss and Northern Pleasure were made a cold and bright January, down in a quite cold basement in Vesterålen.

I often find myself inspired that way, but nowadays, it’s quite often there’s no room, neither time to paint at those moments. However, I’m saving those inspired moments for later, grabbing the time to paint when it’s there.

Fast forward, I got this nice picture from the new owners of one of my prints. It’s a while ago I got this, but going through my picture archieve, I realised I never shared it.

It’s is one of the signed limited edition giclée prints of Northern Joy, beautifully framed with a sleek, black frame, and a mat with a bold, black core.

Do you have a special experience with nature that you remember as extraordinary beautiful, dramatic, poetic or other? I’d be absolutely delighted to learn about it, so if you’re willing to share it with me, let me know here, or head over to Instagram or Facebook!

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