I know I’ve told you before that when I’m making a painting, there’s a certain “feeling” I trust to decide whether or not a painting is done.

Sometimes it’s very easy. I get a clear unsettled feeling, and I know that there’s something missing (or excess) in the painting.

Or I get a comfortable feeling of being settled, like coming home after a long day away. And with that, I know that the painting is done.

But then so. Sometimes it’s not such a clear cut. Ambivalence kicks in. I feel settled, then unsettled, comfort, then discomfort. And I can’t decide if the painting is done or not.

So it is with this painting. I can’t really decide.

I’m considering cutting off a small rim of the green on the right side.

But, first, I was curious about what YOU think? Yes or no?

Or do You have another suggestion about what’s making me indecisive? Give me your thoughts on Instagram or Facebook!


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